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Artificial grass Costa Blanca

High quality artificial grass and lawns installed by experienced professionals across the Costa Blanca and Murcia. Often when people think of Artificial Grass they have a memory of the old fake looking Astro Turf bot how things have cahnged.....

Our projects

In the case of Eazylawns however, seeing really is believing.
So realistic is the product range that your neighbours will ask you how often you have to mow it!

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Our services

For whatever you need whether it be a tennis court or putting green, pool area or garden, communal lawn or picnic area,
we will have a product for you from our extensive range.

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Eazylawns have been installing artificial grass and lawns on the Cosat Blanca, Spain for over 10 years. We are a fully registered, legal and Insured business.


"Eazylawns Costa Blanca came to the market through necessity ..."
A client was looking for a solution to the common problem in Spain - "How can I make my lawn green and keep it green?" Through our extensive experience in garden maintenance we put together a program of watering, scarifying, fertilizing, hollow-tining and Cutting. This method was extremely costly, time consuming and far from foolproof.
We then considered Artificial Grass, we sourced a few different types and really weren’t impressed - most of what we saw looked totally unrealistic and more like a fake Christmas Tree than grass!. We also found that the level of service and expertise left more than a little to be desired. So, that’s how we started.
Our products are produced in the U.K. and Spain and we service the whole of Spain.  Our service is totally consultative and we always ensure that the customer is fully informed of the design/installation process from start to finish.
Our installation team are always prompt and efficient, leaving the site clean and removing all waste from the work area.
Take a look at "Our Projects" page to see a few of the transformations. See our advert in the Costa Blanca People.